April Fools' Day Roundup: Taylor Lautner Is Superman? Avatar Sues Avatar? Don't Believe The Hype!

April Fool'sApril Fools' Day is the one day of the calendar year on which you should probably avoid the internet — well, don't avoid Splash Page, but avoid everywhere else!

If you happen to stumble upon news today that Brandon Routh is playing Cyclops in "X-Men: First Class" or Robert Rodriguez is directing DC Entertainment's "Wonder Woman" adaptation, just remember what time of the year it is. In all likelihood, these scoops are bogus.

After the jump, we've rounded up a few of the hilarious and heartbreaking comic book and geek-related April Fool's pranks already making the rounds today.

Avatar Vs. Avatar: Bleeding Cool is "reporting" that comic book publisher Avatar Press will sue James Cameron, 20th Century Fox and others over "the use and abuse of their trademarked name Avatar in the recent blockbuster movie of the same name."

It's a shame that the publisher and the studio can't put their fictional differences aside — an Avatar-published "Avatar" comic book would be a ton of fun.

Brad Meltzer Gets Bullied: "According" to Comic Book Resources, members of the elusive Writer's Club — including comic book creators Geoff Johns, Brian K. Vaughan and Joe Quesada — have signed a petition and provided testimonials in an attempt to bar "Identity Crisis" scribe Brad Meltzer from ever writing again.

Poor guy... not only is it April Fools' Day, it's also Meltzer's birthday!

Edgar Wright Breaks Our Hearts: Now this one's just cruel. JoBlo "reports" that "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" director Edgar Wright will join forces with Pixar Animation Studios for "The Astonishing Ant-Man," set for release in 2013. This is one of those April Fool's pranks that you really, really hope is true.

While it's an announcement that could actually be made some day in the near future, today is sadly not that day.

Hugh Laurie Hates Spider-Man: Over at IESB, the "news" is that "House, M.D." star Hugh Laurie is signing on to play J. Jonah Jameson in the upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot. He was previously cast as Perry White in "Superman Returns" but had to drop out for scheduling conflicts.

Laurie wouldn't be a bad choice for Jameson, but given the timing of the announcement, it's safe to chalk this one under the April Fool's banner.

Team Jacob To Team Clark: "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner will headline the newly revitalized "Superman" franchise for Bryan Singer — that's if Moviehole's Clint Morris can be believed — which, of course, he can't be!

That said, given all of Lautner's various new movie franchises like "Stretch Armstrong" combined with his massive popularity, this "casting announcement" is a strangely believable prank.

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