Sam Worthington Confirms 'Dan Dare' Involvement, Updates 'Last Days Of American Crime' Status

"Clash of the Titans" star Sam Worthington has had his name popping up around the comics scene for a while now, despite having yet to appear in a comic book movie. Still, it looks like that's all going to change soon with a pair of upcoming adaptations that he's attached to in one form or another.

When MTV News caught up with Worthington during a "Titans" press junket, the actor confirmed rumors that he's attached to a movie based on British science-fiction hero "Dan Dare," and offered an update on the status of "The Last Days of American Crime," based on the Radical Publishing series by Rick Remender.

"We're putting ['Last Days of American Crime'] together as we speak," Worthington told MTV News. "The writer of the comic is actually doing his take on a draft. I thought that was a smart thing for me and my mates to get him to do, and we're looking for directors — a director who would be able to handle it."

"We have many names, but it's too early to bring them up," he said. "My mate found it out of nowhere before the comic had even come out, so we jumped on it."

As for the rumors connecting him to a "Dan Dare" movie, Worthington confirmed that he's involved with the project, but stopped short of explaining his role. However, he did indicate that the film would be inspired by the recent reboot of the character's adventures under writer Garth Ennis. (Okay, he actually said the writer was Grant Morrison, but I think we're all sure of who he meant to credit.)

"'Dan Dare,' same type of thing — we're seeing how they're going to develop it and where they want it to go," he said. "I'm at that stage now where I want to do movies where I get my $16 worth. ... Something like 'Dan Dare,' there was something in the reboot by [Garth Ennis] that was amazing."

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