'Scott Pilgrim' Trailer: Our Five Favorite Moments

The first official trailer for Edgar Wright's "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" arrived online today, and to the surprise of absolutely nobody, it was a complete knockout.

Here at Splash Page, we've been foaming at the mouth for any glimpse into this cinematic world that we could possibly get -- today, we got a lot, and it was most assuredly an epic epic of epicness!

Scott Pilgrim

After the jump, we've selected five of our favorite moments from the newly released trailer. After reading, make sure to head to the comments section and let us know what your favorite moments were!

Scott Pilgrim


Although there was quality time to be had with most of Ramona Flowers' evil exes throughout the trailer, this particular look at each one of them lined up in a row tugged on our geek strings. The fact that all seven of these men (and woman) will be going toe to toe against poor Scott makes us nervous for him, but psyched for ourselves!

Scott Pilgrim


The arrival of Todd Ingram (Brandon Routh) with his bass-toned "Bingo" knocked us straight out of our computer chairs as if we were blasted by vegan telepathy. While Routh might not get to fly again as the Man of Steel, we're just thrilled that he's still hanging out in the comic book world.

Scott Pilgrim


Mae Whitman has come a long way since her days as ugly duckling Ann on "Arrested Development." While it would be nice to see her earn some payback against Jason Bateman for never remembering her name, at least she'll have the opportunity to take out some much needed aggression on Michael Cera, the erstwhile George Michael Bluth.

Scott Pilgrim


Take a good long look at Lucas Lee's face, because this is the same guy who is about to play Steve Rogers in "The First Avenger: Captain America." And Jensen in "The Losers." And, once upon a time, Johnny Storm in the "Fantastic Four" movies and Casey Jones in "TMNT." Talk about an extensive comic book career, Chris Evans has practically done it all at this point.

Scott Pilgrim


There are plenty of fights to look forward to once "Scott Pilgrim" rolls around, but I'm particularly pumped for the climactic battle between Scott and Gideon Gordon Graves, portrayed by the always hilarious Jason Schwartzman. It's pretty amazing to think that the best fight scene of 2010 could focus on a former "Arrested Development" actor and the star of "Rushmore," isn't it?

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