No 'Pink Bodysuit' For Blake Lively In 'Green Lantern,' Two More Actors Added To Film's Cast

Blake LivelyWith filming of director Martin Campbell's "Green Lantern" well underway in New Orleans and only hours after it was announced that Angela Bassett has signed on to portray Amanda Waller in the film, two additional actors have been confirmed to appear within the movie.

According to a post on the Coastal Talent Facebook page, Gattlin Griffith has been cast as "Robert" in "Green Lantern" and will film his part over the course of 12 days. Although Griffith is perhaps best-known for portraying Angelina Jolie's son in "Changeling," he has also appeared in several TV series including "Monk," "Without a Trace," and "Supernatural." has speculated that Griffith's role could potentially be Hal Jordan's nephew or possibly a young Hal Jordan in a flashback sequence.

Actress and model Marcela Duartee also revealed on Twitter that she was cast in "Green Lantern." While the nature and extent of her role is unclear, Duartee posted pictures of herself on the set with Campbell and "Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds.

"Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively also recently dropped some hints about her role as Carol Ferris in "Green Lantern." During a profile with Vogue Magazine, Lively was asked whether she would dye her hair to match her character's hair color in the comics.

"That's all under discussion," said Lively. "Anything is possible, just not the pink bodysuit, please!"

In the "Green Lantern" mythology, Carol Ferris goes on to become Star Sapphire, a villain who wears the very revealing "pink bodysuit" mentioned by Lively in the interview.

What do you think about the latest additions to "Green Lantern"? Which role do you think Gattlin Griffith will play in the film? And should Blake Lively dye her hair and wear the Star Sapphire costume to stay true to the comics? Repeat the Lantern oath and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!