'Twilight'-Teasing Webcomic Inspires Different Take On 'Team Edward'... For A Good Cause

Team EdwardI don't know whether I'm "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob," but I do know I love these shirts.

Inspired by a November 2009 "Hijinks Ensue" webcomic, the shirts feature the "Team Edward" design well-known to "Twilight" fans, but instead of Edward Cullen's dreamy visage, they feature Admiral William Adama himself, Edward James Olmos. And I must have one.

"You can have your sparkling, fangless Twilight vampires. There's only one 'Edward' whose team I want to be on," reads the ad for the shirts, which today joined the offerings on the hub of all webcomics merch, TopatoCo. "Whether he's inspiring inner city kids, tracking down replicants or leading the Colonial Fleet to victory against the Cylons, EJO has always got your back. Shouldn't you return the favor?"

Oh, and just in case you're on the fence about picking one up, a portion of each shirt's sale goes to benefit Jaime Escalante, the inspiration for Olmos' role in "Stand and Deliver," on behalf of Olmos Productions Inc. Escalante is currently battling cancer, with Olmos and various other celebrities raising funds to support his treatment.

So, hey — not only are the shirts awesome, but they manage to simultaneously help with cancer treatment for someone who needs it and tease the heck out of "Twilight" fans. Win!

(Just kidding, Twilighters... please don't kill me.)

Team Edward

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