Chris Evans As Captain America: Reader Poll Results Are In!

Chris EvansWhen the news first broke last week that Chris Evans will play Captain America in the upcoming Marvel Studios feature "The First Avenger: Captain America," it's safe to say that reader response was... mixed. Still, the actor seemed to receive a warmer reception than previous "leading candidate" John Krasinski, who inspired a pretty polarizing reaction from readers.

With all that in mind, it only seemed right to poll readers and find out exactly how you're feeling about the latest news involving Steve Rogers, the man who will rally Iron Man, Thor and the rest of The Avengers in their 2012 team-up. And with thousands of votes cast and some well though-out comments, it looks like you had a lot to say!

As expected, opinion of Evans as the new Cap turned out favorable, but many readers took a "wait and see" approach with the casting — expressing equal parts optimism and uncertainty about the former Johnny Storm becoming the new Steve Rogers.


Great choice! ... 41%

I'll need to see more before I decide. ... 33%

This is terrible! ... 26%

Here's what some readers had to say in the comment section and on Twitter about why they cast their vote the way they did:

JasonZumwalt: A talent like Chris Evans has just been waiting to be discovered. Roles like Cap are made for real men and sadly there are few out there. Chris is among those few, however. Glad he didn't end up going down the road of Thomas Jane and get passed up time after time for roles he would have NAILED. This is the beginning of a new and great leading man.

Rob: I voted "Terrible" He was already Johnny Storm. Out of all the white boys in Hollywood, the only actor they could find was the one who already played in 4 other comic book movies!! His personality doesn't fit what I picture Cap's personality to be.

Phear: I chose "Great Choice!" because I truly believe that he can pull it off. You guys don't know what Chris Evans is like, you know what his CHARACTERS are like, and most of his characters happen to be arrogant because he plays the part well. He's a damn good actor who, given this leading man chance, will really stand out and shine.

pololoungephoney: I chose "I'll need to see." When I think of Evans I think of Johnny Storm, and with most of his roles, there's as aspect of punk to them; not like a bad guy but not "American as apple pie," the kind of noble elegant dignity at the same time whoop your tail I would want from Captain America. I hope he pulls it off, we shall see, Avengers depends on it but this all might be rumor.

@fusedfilm: i am torn because i think he can go toe-to-toe with RDJ and Samuel L. I mean I think he has the bravado needed

lonelypond : Agree with this could be the role that Chris Evans deserves. I've been really impressed with him, even in not the greatest roles (Push). Plus, he's got the substance to stand up well to the rest of the Avengers.

theboogieman631: anyone not voting great choice should check out the movie "Sunshine"

gtcable: We've seen him as the brash Johnny Storm. But at least he's not pretty or cute. I still would need to see some hardening of the dude. Again, Captain America is suppose to be the consummate leader of American heroes. He is the superhero that other heroes look up to. Those are tough red boots to fill.


BFisch: Need more time to see. I like him as an actor-he plays the arrogant hero very well. But I don't now if that would be the right take for Cap. I don't see him turning down this role, he'd have to be pretty foolish to do so. I hope he does a really good job and I won't make any judgments against him until I see the movie.

@jakesmannequin: Chris Evans should NOT be Cap for the same reason Tom Welling should not be the big screen Superman. Confusion!

Sunny: I'm mixed on this.I like Evans in the role and think he would be great if he hadn't already played The Human Torch in two Fantastic Four films.That just throws me when studios do this with the superhero films.Especially with major heroes like Captain America and The Human Torch.This is different then jumping from one superhero universe like Marvel to another like DC.This is a actor playing two major superhero roles in the same universe.Good god,it's going to be weird if the original Human Torch is a part of The Invaders in this movie with Evans as Captain America.This type of move really takes me out of believing in the actor as the character.