Greg Berlanti Explains Why Ryan Reynolds Is Perfect For 'Green Lantern,' Won't Discuss Costume

Now that filming for "Green Lantern" has kicked off, it's only a matter of time before we get our first peek at Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, the ring-wielding protector of Sector 2814.

While we couldn't pry any details about the visual elements of Jordan's big-screen debut from from the film's co-writer and producer, Greg Berlanti, we did get an update of sorts on the production — and some thoughts on why Reynolds was the right man to play the pilot-turned-superhero.

"They just started production on Monday," said Berlanti during last week's ShoWest Film Festival. "I grew up reading the comic books, so to be a part of it in any way has been a real dream come true. It's like being a kid in a candy store — seeing the ring, seeing the plan for what Oa is going to look like, and seeing someone like Ryan Reynolds bring it to life has been pretty amazing."

"We're all on lockdown about that stuff," he said when asked how much (if any) CGI will go into Green Lantern's uniform, "so as they dole it out to fans, everyone can enjoy it for the first time."

As for Reynolds himself, Berlanti had no small amount of praise for the actor and why he was offered the role.

"He's one of those actors who can really do everything," he said. "The part really requires someone to fit the role of a superhero, but also bring their own personality to it. ... At the end of the day that's as much what makes these films different, I think. What's the personality of the star, and how does that mesh in with the way we know and love Hal Jordan?"

"Ryan had the whole package — he could do the comedy, he could do the drama," he added.

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