Michel Gondry Talks 'Green Hornet' Legacy, No Cameo For Van Williams

Last week, "Green Hornet" director Michel Gondry described his approach toward the fight scenes in his upcoming film starring Seth Rogen as the classic pulp hero. While modern audiences might not be as familiar with the character, Gondry says co-writers Rogen and Evan Goldberg still kept an eye toward honoring the character's roots in 1940s radio and '60s television.

However, the "Eternal Sunshine" director confirmed to MTV News that Van Williams, the man who played the hero alongside Bruce Lee in the original TV series, won't be making a cameo as originally rumored.

"There is the legacy of Bruce Lee that is very heavy to carry," said Gondry. "Seth has the right tone. Evan, his partner, really included a lot of elements from the TV show and from the stories that existed, so we're not so far off."

"The main difference is the character in the TV show was dead serious and had no humor, but of course with Seth Rogen you expect something a little different," he added.

As for the potential cameo by Williams that Gondry first told MTV News about back in April 2009, the director said it's no longer possible — and described what the cameo would have been, had it happened.

"No, he couldn't do it," said Gondry. "[Williams] was supposed to be the guard at the cemetery, but he was not available."

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