No 'Preacher' For John Cusack?

John CusackLate last year, "Hot Tub Time Machine" actor John Cusack was doing the press for his disaster thriller "2012" and mentioned a comic book movie he was interested in that sounded an awful lot like "Preacher," the celebrated DC/Vertigo series currently in development under director Sam Mendes.

The news had comic (and Cusack) fans buzzing, but alas, the pairing seemed far less likely when MTV News asked the actor about it on the "Hot Tub" red carpet this week.

"What's that?" responded Cusack when asked whether he was indeed interested in an adaptation of the "Preacher" comic book series.

After we explained the premise of the series and recalled his comments from last year about it, Cusack still seemed completely unaware of the book.

"I didn't know about that one, but maybe I'll have to go after it now," he laughed.

So, while this doesn't completely debunk the notion that Cusack could play Jesse Custer, it certainly seems like we might have been off-base when we connected his prior comments to Garth Ennis' and Steve Dillon's classic comic book series.

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