EXCLUSIVE: Mark Millar And Matthew Vaughn To Adapt Secret Comics Project With Leinil Francis Yu

Sure, we know about Mark Millar's plans to direct a mysterious superhero movie, and we've heard about the "Kick-Ass" sequel (titled "Balls to the Wall"), but now it looks like we have another project on the horizon from Millar and director Matthew Vaughn.

The surprise? It's not the long-rumored "American Jesus" adaptation or his upcoming, controversial superhero series "Nemesis."

"Matthew and I are going to do two new projects, and they'll be quite interesting for people who are looking for us to get together and do a big, widescreen superhero picture," Millar told MTV News during this weekend's South by Southwest Film Festival.

In a separate interview conducted earlier in the day, Vaughn had hinted at the mysterious project and indicated that it was of a "superhero sensibility" rather than a standard superhero film. Millar agreed with that description, and offered up some information about the source material it will draw from.

"This is an adaptation of a book that Leinil Francis Yu and I are doing," he said. "It will be out in September as well. I can't divulge the name yet. I don't want it to get lost in the 'Kick-Ass' publicity, but this will be the next thing after 'Kick-Ass.'"

"Nobody knows any of the content yet," he added. "Even the publishers don't know. We're keeping it quiet and we're walking on the project independently."

Millar said the success of "Wanted" and "Kick-Ass" have him concentrating more intently on inventing new universes instead of treading familiar water.

"I think we've just had a little taste of how cool it is — instead of doing other people's characters and characters that have been around 40 or 70 years — to create something for this generation," he said. "There's a gap in the market. It's been a long time since someone created a new superhero."

Outlining his plans for the coming year, Millar said he has three new properties he's planning to develop as films, along with Hollywood interest in his controversial "Nemesis" series that imagines a scenario in which a Bruce Wayne-like character actually becomes a supervillain a la The Joker. The series has been the target of much buzz and industry controversy, as promotional art for the Marvel series clearly riffs on the popular DC characters.

"Already we have directors lining up for 'Nemesis,' the book that's out in a couple of weeks' time," said Millar. "It's very exciting. It must be how Stan [Lee] felt, I suppose, back in the early '60s. He's creating all these books and luckily people are liking them."

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