Channing Tatum And Keira Knightley Approached For 'Captain America' Roles

Channing TatumLast month, "Captain America" director Joe Johnston said casting of the title role was only weeks away and even suggested that the process would be completed before March 1st.

However, not only has Captain America not yet been cast, several actors have recently been added to Marvel Studios' shortlist, including — Chris Evans, Garrett Hedlund, Wilson Bethel and Mike Vogel. And before those rumors have even begun to cool down, another name has been added to the mix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Channing Tatum has been officially approached by Marvel to star in "The First Avenger: Captain America." Tatum's star has been on the rise since last summer's "G.I. Joe" film in addition to his more recent movie "Dear John", which knocked "Avatar" out of first place earlier this year.

Tatum was previously under consideration to appear in "Thor" and has made no secret of his desire to play Steve Rogers on the big screen.

“I would love to play Captain America,” Tatum told MTV News. “I actually really, really would love it. I love Captain America. I’m not a big aficionado on him, but I know who we was, and I like him as a character.”

"Pirates of the Caribbean" actress Keira Knightley has also been approached to appear as the female lead in "Captain America." The Hollywood Reporter identifies the character as Betsy Ross — who was one of Captain America's early love interests in the comics and later became the superheroine called Golden Girl. However, the role has also been rumored to be Peggy Carter, a French resistance fighter who fell in love with Cap during WW2.

Deadline is also reporting that Alice Eve and Emily Blunt are also in consideration for the female lead. Additionally, there is reportedly little movement towards finalizing a deal for Hugo Weaving to appear as the Red Skull, which was announced last week.

What do you think about the latest "Captain America" casting rumors? Who should wield the shield? Which actress should be the female lead and which character should she play? Let us know what you're thinking in the comment section below or on Twitter!