Enter 'Sandman' For Neil Gaiman And Matthew Vaughn? 'Kick-Ass' Director Wants HBO-Style Series

Neil Gaiman discussed a "Death" movie with Guillermo Del Toro last week, but Matthew Vaughn still has a "Sandman" adaptation on his mind. After talking to Gaiman, however, he believes the Vertigo series would be better served by an HBO TV treatment as opposed to a big-screen theatrical presentation.

"I think it would make an amazing HBO series, you know, where you can just really create that world," Vaughn told MTV News. "There's too much to get into an hour and a half, two hours."

At a whopping 75 issues, Vaughn's position may be well founded — since the perspective came following an exchange with the author himself.

"[Neil and I] talked about it," the "Kick-Ass" director said. "I think as a movie it's virtually impossible to make properly."

"The Sandman" could easily balloon to seven or ten seasons, rivaling both "The Sopranos" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation," so even if that's where its destiny lies, there's going to have to be some skillful and surgical editing. Both the expansive cast and vast array of sets alone would require a big-money commitment from the producers. Getting a station to back it long enough to complete the tale would likewise need some true believes on the business end.

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