Chloe Moretz 'Promised' A Purple Ducati For 'Kick-Ass' Sequel

"Kick-Ass" actress Chloe Moretz called her training for the film "the hardest thing" she's ever done, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't go through a refresher course if she's asked to return to her Hit-Girl role for a sequel. In fact, she and screenwriter Jane Goldman may have already ironed out the negotiations.

"I know nothing, but all I know is that I want a purple Ducati," Moretz told MTV News. "I'm serious."

Moretz wants to ride on some kick-ass technology the next time around, and she claims Goldman already agreed to give her a racing bike.

"Jane and I talked about it, and...she promised me," Moretz explained. "She promised me that I will get a purple Ducati...with like a little Gatling gun and then like a little Droid that pops out with all the knives and stuff knives and stuff -- and like a neon under-thing [light]."

The actress, who just turned 13, won't quite be of age to legally operate a Ducati on the streets, but she did point out that she will "be a teenager" if they get around to filming in the next few years. Her "Kick-Ass" co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse, meanwhile, thinks that the two of them may get to throw some punches at one another.

"And this guy's going to kick some ass in the sequel, hopefully," the "Role Models" and "Superbad" actor added. "It'll probably be me versus her for a little bit."

Let us know who you want to see return for a "Kick-Ass" sequel and whether or not you think purple Ducati would be appropriate for Hit-Girl. You can do it in the comment section below or on Twitter!