Robert Rodriguez' 'Predators' Movie Gets Comic Book Prequel, Sequel, And Adaptation

PredatorsWhen producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal resurrect the "Predator" franchise with this summer's "Predators," fans of the alien race will have more than just the movie experience to look forward to — they'll have some new comics to go with it.

Dark Horse Comics has announced a series of prequels, sequels and adaptations to the upcoming "Predators" from 20th Century Fox. Marc Andreyko will write "Predators: Welcome to the Jungle," a four issue miniseries shipping every week in June featuring a back-up story called "A Predatory Life" written by David Lapham.

An adaptation of "Predators" from writer Paul Tobin hits stands on July 9th in conjunction with the film's release.

"What we get to do is expand on the experience," said Lapham in an interview with Ain't It Cool News. "In the movie, you get to see these characters during their specific adventure. In the comics we can really dive further into what makes them tick and why things play out like they do in the movie. And we can show what badasses they were before."

For his own part, Andreyko couldn't reveal too much about the story of "Welcome to the Jungle" other than to say that it borrows elements from "Heart of Darkness," "The Most Dangerous Game" and, surprisingly, "Marley and Me." But Tobin was able to speak about his project, an actual adaptation of "Predators."

"My contribution is an expanded adaptation of the film itself, except I've taken one of the characters and put everything into her perspective, and also going a lot more in depth about who she is, developing background material that's hinted at in the movie," said the writer. "And there's definitely a connection between her and the original movie, which was a blast."

All three writers said that they were able to read the "Predators" screenplay before working on their comics, and thankfully, each one of them offered shining endorsements.

"In my mind, it's faithful to the feel of the original but brings new surprises and expands significantly on the possibilities of the concept," said Lapham. "I think the fans should be happy."

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