Sam Worthington Rumored For 'Dan Dare' Movie

Sam WorthingtonWith the record-breaking "Avatar" still in the top five at the box office and his next film — a "Clash of the Titans" remake — due in just a few weeks, Sam Worthington might have just found his next film franchise.

According to Pajiba, Worthington is rumored to be signed for an adaptation of "Dan Dare" — based on the space adventurer/pilot created by Frank Hampson back in 1950. Warner Brothers is also rumored to be actively searching for a writer and a director.

Often described as the "British Buck Rogers". "Dan Dare" is one of the most successful UK comic books. Back in 2008, "Dan Dare" was relaunched by Virgin Comics as a seven-issue miniseries by Garth Ennis and artist Gary Erskine.

At the time, Virgin also acquired the film, television and video game rights. Following the dissolution of Virgin Comics, "Dan Dare" was most recently published by Dynamite Entertainment.

If "Dan Dare" goes forward with Worthington, it won't be his first comic book related project. Last November, it was announced that Worthington will star in an adaptation of Radical Publishing's "Last Days of American Crime" by Rick Remender and artist Greg Tocchini. Worthington is also attached as a producer for "Last Days."

Worthington has also made no secret of his desire to play "Captain America", although recent comments from Worthington seem to indicate that he is not being considered for the part.

Do you think Sam Worthington is right for the part of "Dan Dare" or would he make a better "Buck Rogers"? Who would you cast in the "Dan Dare" movie? And who should direct it? Fire up your space ships and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section below or on Twitter!