Live-Action 'Spawn' Movie Headed To Smaller Studio With Lower Budget, Says Todd McFarlane

Last time I spoke to "Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane, he outlined his plans for a "completely R-rated" live-action movie based on his popular Hellspawn hero. With the character operating more in the background of a darker, grittier tale than 1997's live-action "Spawn," McFarlane offered a compelling case for how the franchise could return to the big screen in a form closer to what he'd envisioned when "Spawn" #1 hit shelves in 1992.

MTV News caught up with McFarlane during last month's Toy Fair International convention to get an update on the project.

"Since last time we talked, I've done my due diligence," he said. "I've gone to the big studios, I've heard their pitch, [and] I've heard what they can offer. I've talked to the smaller guys and I've given what I want, and I just don't think I can be satisfied with something at the big boys."

"[The large studios] can offer a big budget, big stars, and probably make a lot more money, but I just think that story-wise I'm going to be a little dissatisfied," he explained.

Previously, McFarlane had been weighing the pros and cons of big-budget versus smaller-budget production of the film, and told MTV News he wasn't sure he could accept the loss of control that comes with a film budgeted to be a blockbuster. Now, he seems to be certain of it.

"I keep telling them I can make it for $10 million," he said. "I believe i can make this movie for $10 million."

"You just have to be smart visually and have a solid story behind it," added McFarlane. "So I'm going, 'Let's just do it the way I've been envisioning it for 10 years, and I'll take my lumps if it doesn't work.'"

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