Evan Rachel Wood Exits 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' Musical, Debut Date Remains Unclear

Evan Rachel Wood"Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark," the upcoming Broadway musical featuring songs from "U2" members Bono and The Edge, is facing yet another difficulty as Evan Rachel Wood has walked away from the production.

Wood was set to play Mary Jane Watson opposite Reeve Carney as Peter Parker and Alan Cumming as the Green Goblin. According to the "Spider-Man" musical's producers, Wood was forced to depart the project due to a conflict in her schedule.

"Evan Rachel Wood has departed 'Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark' due to a scheduling conflict," producers said in a statement caught by Variety. "Casting is underway to find a new Mary Jane to join the rest of the cast in the production."

Although this appears to be the final nail in the coffin for Wood's involvement, it's hardly the first time that the actress' role in the "Spider-Man" musical has come into question. Last April, Wood told MTV News that "nothing's definite" about her participation, a fact seemingly confirmed by her recent departure from the project.

But Wood's decision to leave is simply the latest in a string of troubles associated with "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark." The musical ceased and resumed production multiple times last year due to reported budget issues, eventually settling on a postponement until the fall of 2010. Current reports suggest that the musical has amassed a budget in the range of $50 million. At this point, an official debut date has yet to be made public, and not even the members of "U2" could guarantee when production would start.

"We're just waiting until all the production issues get resolved," The Edge told MTV News in January. "It's going to happen at some point. It's really a case of when — that's the question."

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