Is John Krasinski The Leading 'Captain America' Contender?

Captain AmericaJohn Krasinski is one of the alleged frontrunners for the role of Steve Rogers in "The First Avenger: Captain America," but according to two sources, he's not just a leading candidate — he's the leading candidate.

When the list of rumored contenders hit the 'Net last month, Cinematical reported that Krasinski is "all but a sure thing" to wield the shield as Captain America in the Marvel Studios film. Today, an unidentified source reportedly told Fox 411 that Krasinski "has appeared in front of producers repeatedly since the start of the new year and since rumors began in February."

"John has read [four] times and is doing screen tests," says the source. "He has screen tested [two] times so far. It's very likely that he will be the new Captain America. He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week."

According to the source, Krasinski — who would sign on for a multi-film deal that includes "The Avengers" and potential sequels — is set to read opposite actresses that are auditioning for the female lead.

For now, Krasinski's near casting is far from official and shouldn't be seen as anything but a rumor. Still, it's a very interesting rumor and one that isn't particularly far-fetched given what we already know — after the apparent departures of Scott Porter and Michael Cassidy, Krasinski is one of the few remaining short list contenders that hasn't officially bowed out of contention.

Personally, I hope it pans out. The more time I've had to let the idea of Krasinski as Cap marinate, the more I like it — and while the actor certainly has his detractors, I'm not alone in rooting for Krasinski. But until we've received official word, let's just file this one away in the rumor bin.

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