Dane Cook Auditioned For 'Captain America' Lead, Says Studio 'Going Young'

Dane CookHollywood has an established tradition of comedians signing up for comic book cinema. Jim Carrey went from "Ace Ventura" to playing The Riddler in "Batman Forever." Ryan Reynolds, star of "Van Wilder," is now set to headline "Green Lantern" and "Deadpool." Could Dane Cook make a similar leap by way of Captain America?

On his Twitter feed, Cook revealed the surprising news that he not only has his eye on the leading role in "The First Avenger: Captain America," but he's already auditioned for the part.

"Had [to] get shredded [for] Captain America audition," the comedian revealed in the unexpected Twitter announcement. Asked by one of his followers if he was being serious about auditioning, Cook replied: "I did already. They might [be going] young. I say go [the Robert Downey Jr.] route — gimme the part!"

Cook's comments that producers are looking for a younger actor seemingly reflect the previously released list of alleged frontrunners, the vast majority of whom are 30 years old or younger. Cook, on the other hand, is almost 38 years old. As Cook's name was not mentioned in the alleged candidate pool and he's seemingly out of the target age range, the comedian's chances of landing the role of Rogers aren't necessarily high — though it's certainly interesting that he auditioned for the part.

"Captain America" isn't the first superhero project that Cook has expressed interest in. Last year, Cook told MTV News that he'd love to play The Riddler in a sequel to "The Dark Knight."

"I love the new Dark Knight series and 'Batman Begins,'" said the comedian. "If they brought back The Riddler—a new Riddler the way they did with The Joker—that would be bad-ass. I would do that."

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