Sacha Baron Cohen And Jemaine Clement Rumored For 'Men In Black III'

Men In BlackLast Fall, Sony announced that the long awaited "Men In Black III" had been given the greenlight with Etan Cohen ("Tropic Thunder") attached to write the script.

And while Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are expected to return to the franchise, thus far the only casting report to surface was a rumor that "No Country For Old Men" and "Jonah Hex" star Josh Brolin was in talks to sign on with Smith and Jones for the third film in the franchise. However, word has emerged that two unexpected actors may also be under consideration to join the cast.

According to Bloody Disgusting. Sacha Baron Cohen (the comedian behind "Borat" and "Bruno") and Jemaine Clement ("The Flight of the Conchords") are rumored to be up for a character named "Yaz" in the next "Men In Black" sequel.

Back in December, the Los Angeles Times speculated that the plot of "Men In Black III" may revolve around Smith's Agent J going back in time and teaming up with Jones' Agent K as a young man to face a new threat.

"Men In Black" was originally created by Lowell Cunningham and illustrated by Sandy Carruthers back in 1990 for Aircel Comics. In addition to the two previous feature films, "Men In Black" has been adapted into video games and an animated TV series. Currently, the comic rights are held by Marvel Comics.

Who would you prefer to see in the next "Men In Black" film, Sacha Baron Cohen or Jemaine Clement? What direction would you like "Men In Black III" to go in? Fire up your neuralizers and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section below or on Twitter!

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