Ryan Reynolds Talks 3-D 'Green Lantern,' Still Won't Recite The Oath

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's "Green Lantern" will follow in the footsteps of James Cameron's "Avatar" when the superhero adaptation is released in 3-D on June 17th, 2011. The news has been making the rounds courtesy of official studio confirmation, and even the "Green Lantern" actors have a thing or two to say on the matter of the film's impending 3-D release.

On the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday (March 7th), "Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds spoke with MTV News and confirmed that moviegoers will want to bring their 3-D glasses when "Green Lantern" arrives in theaters next year.

"Yeah, it is [being released in 3-D]," said Reynolds. "Yeah, absolutely."

The actor wouldn't specifically discuss what a 3-D release could mean for "Green Lantern," but he hardly has to. Just think about all of the various ways the filmmaking technology can be implemented to enhance the viewing experience of the wildly imaginative constructs Hal Jordan creates by way of his power ring — those thoughts alone are well worth geeking out over.

But it's not just the film's 3-D release that has Reynolds zipping his lips. Earlier this year, MTV asked the actor to recite the famous Green Lantern Oath, but Reynolds refused to comply. Sadly, it appears that the past weeks and months have not changed his stance on the matter.

"I'm not doing it," Reynolds laughed when asked to recite the oath. "No, no, you're not sucking me into this, man! Do you have any idea how much trouble I'd get into if I just belted out the oath right here?"

So what will it take for Reynolds to get in the thick of brightest day and blackest night before the film's theatrical release?

"You're going to have to pay cold, hard money," he joked.

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