'Spider-Man' Director Confirms Meeting With 'Avatar' Team, 'Casting A Wide Net' For Peter Parker

Spider-Man might be unemployed in the comic book world, but in the movie world he's swinging into theaters for a new, 3-D adventure in 2012. During Friday's Independent Spirit Awards, MTV News caught up with the man behind the camera for Peter Parker's big reboot, "500 Days of Summer" director Marc Webb.

"I think that there's something about Peter Parker that's just... He's a legend," explained Webb when asked why he's the right man for the job. "That mythology is appealing to me and it has been for a long time. It's just a dream come true."

"[Sam Raimi] did something fantastic, but I do think the mythology of Spider-Man is wide and vast, and there's more opportunity to explore that cinematically," he said of working in the shadow of Raimi's three-film blockbuster franchise. "Sam is not only a great guy but a fantastic director and it's a humbling prospect, but I'm looking forward to it."

Of course, no conversation with Webb would be complete without getting some thoughts on the search for an actor to play teenage Peter Parker in the "Spider-Man" reboot.

"We're casting a wide net. That's really all i can say at this point," he said, reiterating that statement when asked if an actor like rumored contender Joseph Gordon-Levitt is too old for the part, or if the studio is looking for an unknown. "We're casting a wide net."

Webb also offered some thoughts on the recent comments from "Avatar" director James Cameron and his producing partner Jon Landau that the pair had spoken with Webb about the best way to bring Spider-Man into the 3-D realm.

"I talked to James and Jon a little bit," he confirmed. "It's such an enormous undertaking. I'd like to talk to those guys more. They're fantastic representatives for 3-D and we'll be talking more about that."

"In the coming weeks, more will unfold," promised Webb.

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