Olivia Wilde Describes Jon Favreau's 'Cowboys And Aliens' Movie 'Mashup' At Spirit Awards

Olivia Wilde's talks to join Jon Favreau's "Cowboys and Aliens" adaptation must have gone well, because she knows an awful lot about the "Iron Man 2" director's intentions. Stopped on the red carpet at the Independent Spirit Awards Friday night, the "House" actress likened Favreau to a DJ and believes he's going to be able to please everyone.

"Jon Favreau likes to describe it as a mashup — he loves mashups when it comes to music," Wilde told MTV News. "So this is kind of a film mashup. I think that's cool, and it hasn't really been done that much before."

Next time we get Jon Favreau on the line, we'll have to ask him who he likes better — Girl Talk or Steinski — and whose work "Cowboys and Aliens" will resemble. Wilde talked up all sorts of opposing elements in the movie to back up her mix-master praise. She mentioned big special effects, but credited the producers for maintaining a story-driven focus.

"With producers like Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, these are people who really care about the story, and they care about wonderment and imagination and celebrating that," Wilde explained. "That's what this movie's going to do. It's going to have awesome effects, but Jon Favreau and everyone else are concentrating on making a great story."

And above all, she called it "interesting."

"I think that's a film that's going to be interesting for a lot of reasons," she said. "It's very different. Western enthusiasts will be happy. Sci-fi enthusiasts will also be happy."

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