Down The Rabbit Hole: 'Alice In Wonderland' Meets Comic Book Movies!

Alice in WonderlandIn Disney's latest interpretation of "Alice in Wonderland," moviegoers are bound to have many bizarre sights to behold from smoking Caterpillars and talking rabbits to the viciousness of the Red Queen and her army. But if the viewer looks closely enough, he or she is likely to find something else that's entirely unexpected — connections to the world of comic books.

After the jump, we've got the rundown on some connections you'll see between Alice's adventures and comic books in your upcoming trip to "Wonderland."

ANNE HATHAWAY: When Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire were still attached to "Spider-Man 4," Anne Hathaway's name was mentioned as a contender for Felicia Hardy, better known as the Black Cat. After the film's cancellation, MTV News questioned Hathaway about the rumor, but she would only offer this cryptic answer: "It's best to leave [the rumor] in the past."

JOHNNY DEPP: The erstwhile Mad Hatter has more than a few comic book connections to his name. Johnny Depp is a constant favorite amongst fans to play The Riddler in a "Batman" movie, something that even he said he'd be interested in. He's also been linked to projects like "Rex Mundi" and "Caliber" in the past, and was very recently mentioned by yours truly as an ideal candidate to play Doctor Strange.

STEPHEN FRY: British actor Stephen Fry is best known amongst comic book lovers for his role as ill-fated talk show host Gordon Deitrich in the "V for Vendetta" adaptation, though he'll next be seen in an untitled television series written by comic book author Grant Morrison and directed by "Push" filmmaker Paul McGuigan.

TIM BURTON: Although he could have been known as the man who ruined "Batman" by casting Michael Keaton, Tim Burton's legacy is a happier tale thanks to the commercial and creative success of his two trips to Gotham City. Additionally, the director was once attached to helm a "Superman" relaunch with Nicolas Cage as the star, though that film never panned out.

There are plenty of other comics-to-Wonderland connections, but why spoil all of the fun here? Go down the rabbit hole and discover them for yourself!

Tell us some other connections between "Alice in Wonderland" and comics in the comment section and on Twitter!

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