Wesley Snipes Explains What He'd Like To See In 'Blade 4'

Talk of a new "Blade" movie has been popping up around the online world for a while now, with everything from a spin-off film to a complete reboot mentioned at one point or another by the cast and creative team.

With "Blade" star Wesley Snipes returning to theaters this week in "Brooklyn's Finest," MTV News had a chance to ask the actor for his take on all the rumors.

"Man, this has been coming up quite a bit," laughed Snipes. "I'm really surprised to see how people are anticipating me doing another one, so you never know."

"There are some things we really want to do that we didn't get a chance to do," he expalined. "The first and the second one were experiments, and we started to get better. If we do another one, it will reflect our maturity and our better understanding of the genre."

Asked what he'd like to see in a new "Blade" movie, Snipes offered up a pair of suggestions — one serious and the other a reflection on the hurried schedule of the third film, "Blade: Trinity."

"[I'd like to see] a larger, multiracial cast, and it would be great to have some rehearsals before some of the action sequences," he laughed.

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