James Kochalka Kicks Off Fan-Funded 'Glorkian Warrior' Game Campaign

Kochalka - GlorkianIf you're familiar with James Kochalka's smiley comics like "Super F*ckers" and "Peanutbutter & Jeremy" and Pixeljam's evolved-retro video games like "Cream Wolf" and "Pizza City," you already know that a joint venture between them could burn your eyeballs out with neon rays of sunshine. Their new project, titled "Glorkian Warrior" currently needs more money to get through development, so they've put out a request for fan funding that they hope will push the game through to publication— and they're offering rewards.

"James Kochalka is doing the artwork, dialogue and design, and Pixeljam is doing the programming, music, and additional artwork / design," according to the page they've started at Kickstarter.com.

Thus far, 130 backers have pledged $5,297 to the cause with 21 pledge drive days left.

In addition to receiving copies of the game, donors can qualify for several different rewards tiers that included original James Kochalka artwork, free games, and even an appearance in "Glorkian Warrior." The donation levels range from $10 to $$2500, so there's a level for most budgets. Personally, I think seeing yourself painted by James Kochalka sounds like the niftiest offering on the table, but paying it forward to see this game get made may be enough of a reward in and of itself.

You can find out more about James Kochalka's "Glorkian Warrior" project and other work at his personal website (and home of his "American Elf" webcomic) and TopShelfComix.com.

Tell us if you think the world is ready for a Jame Kochalki video game in the comment section below or on Twitter!