Eric Powell Says 'The Goon' Movie Is 'In Good Shape,' David Fincher 'Won’t Just Be A Figurehead'

The GoonIt's been a while since we received any news regarding "The Goon," the animated feature based on Eric Powell's award-winning comic book series. When we caught up with the creator last month to discuss his upcoming return to the "Goon" comic and "Buzzard" spin-off series, we made sure to get an update.

According to Powell, the first draft of the "Goon" script is finished and receiving some necessary tweaks, animators Blur Studios are working on some test footage, and he hopes to see producer David Fincher ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") pushing the project forward in the near future.

"I think as soon as Fincher is finished working on the film he’s on now, they’re going to try and get this thing up and going," said Powell. "It’s in good shape. We’re slowly grinding forward, but all the blocks have to be in place first."

"I fell into a perfect situation with guys who really get the comic," he added. "You have to change things to make it fit in a format like this — especially with 'The Goon,' because the comics were such self-contained stories and so episodic. You can’t do it like 'Sin City' and do a linear telling of the comic."

As for any changes that come about as part of the adaptation process, Powell reiterated that fans shouldn't be too worried — after all, he's the one writing the script.

"We had to adapt it for the film, but I wrote the script — so The Goon doesn’t fall from the sky in a meteor or have superpowers or anything like that," he laughed. "It is The Goon and it has the feel of the The Goon. The story had to change a little to get it to work in a film format, but the characters, the world, and the interaction between the characters are all the same."

After an appetite-whetting teaser wowed fans during last year's Comic-Con in San Diego, Powell told MTV News he can't wait to show off more of the film. However, the team wants to get the project set up at a studio proper before revealing too much.

"I can’t wait for people to see more of this stuff, because the stuff I’ve seen just blows my mind," he said. "They’re holding off on all that stuff, but as soon as we get a studio announced, I’m sure Blur is eager to show off all the good work they’re doing."

"Once that stuff is in place, there’s going to be a flood of new material coming out of there," he promised.

As for the other big question surrounding the project, Powell said Fincher is likely to take an active role in the film even if he doesn't direct "The Goon."

"Directing an animated film is a little different form directing a live-action film, but they’re still making those decisions," he explained. "Fincher is heavily involved and he’s going to have final say over everything, so we will get his input — he won’t just be a figurehead."

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