EXCLUSIVE: Edgar Wright Explains Where 'Scott Pilgrim' Movie And Comics Diverge

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" hits theaters this August, and though we have yet to see the first trailer for the film, early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive — giving fans of Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic book series a lot to look forward to when Edgar Wright's live-action adaptation finally arrives.

We already know the film will feature some significant, creator-endorsed differences from its source material, so when MTV News caught up with Wright (one of our "10 Filmmakers to Watch In 2010"), we picked his brain about where the books and film will part ways, story-wise.

"I think Bryan O’Malley is a very smart guy, and he can understand what an adaptation is," said Wright. "He read every draft of [the script]. With the last draft, me and Michael Bacall sent him every 20 pages ... and so he pretty much understood that doing a straight adaptation of the books was kind of impossible."

"First, it’s a different medium," he explained. "[O'Malley] totally understood how and why it had to be shaped into a movie structure."

Despite necessary changes from the source material, Wright said there weren't any elements of the series he regrets not filming or not finding a way to bring to the screen.

"There’s lots of bits that would look beautiful on the big screen, but I can’t think of anything where I thought, 'I wish we would have done that,'" he said.

However, Wright did provide some details about where the two projects will part ways, story-wise, and the role O'Malley played in determining his character's semi-new direction in the film.

"It stays pretty true to volumes one and two. And three," explained Wright. "After three volumes, it starts to take its own path, but very much within the spirit of the book — and approved by Bryan as well. ... There are some things that are in the film that are actually from Bryan’s original ideas before he wrote the books. [So] there are some things in there that refer to older ideas which he didn’t end up doing."

"It’s ironic, because there will be a couple of scenes when people will say, 'That’s not in the book,' but actually, if you look at these notes from 2005..." he said. "I feel like we tried to respect the books as much as we can in a Hollywood film, but also infuse his ideas that didn’t necessarily fit into the volumes."

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" hits theaters August 13, 2010. Keep it locked to Splash Page for more "Scott Pilgrim" movie news as it develops.

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