Mickey Rourke In Talks To Father 'Conan'

Mickey RourkeAfter filling his resume with somewhat gritty character roles in recent years, Mickey Rourke may finally have the chance to play a real family man — that is, if raising a barbarian warrior in Lionsgate's upcoming "Conan" film counts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Iron Man 2" star is in negotiations to take on a new, patronly role as the father of Conan.

Rourke joins 12-year-old Leo Howard, who stars as a young Conan before the character enters adulthood as portrayed by former "Stargate Atlantis" star Jason Momoa.

The actor's on-camera fathering skills may have left something to be desired in 2008's "The Wrestler," but depending on which direction Lionsgate decides to take the character, he could be restored to a parent worth avenging.

Since the new 'Conan' film will reportedly retain the character's tragic orphan origin story, Rourke doesn't stand to take up much screen time – at least among the living. Judging from the actor's bevy of reported projects, a limited role may be more in line with his schedule than a starring role.

While casting news continues to develop, including news that professional wrestler Shad Gaspard, has auditioned for a villainous role in the film, there's still plenty left to learn about Lionsgate's upcoming adaptation of Robert E. Howard's Conan novels. Many have wondered if Momoa is the right build for the barbarian role, and rumors of a 3-D release remain unconfirmed as the studio has yet to establish a firm release date.

Whatever the case, fans should be comforted by the fact that Conan's cinematic lineage will come stocked with the Cimmerian men's signature long locks.

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