Are These Five Actors 'Captain America' Contenders?

Captain America"The First Avenger: Captain America" director Joe Johnston spoke about casting Steve Rogers earlier this month, saying that a casting decision was "weeks away." Well, weeks have passed, February is almost over and it appears the role has been narrowed down to five.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the five front-runners for the role of Captain America are Chace Crawford ("Gossip Girl"), John Krasinski ("The Office"), Scott Porter ("Friday Night Lights"), Mike Vogel ("Cloverfield") and Michael Cassidy ("Smallville").

All five actors have reportedly agreed to test deals with Johnston and Marvel Studios. Garrett Hedlund ("Tron Legacy") was allegedly sought for the part, but the actor has not reached a deal to test for the role. Additionally, Deadline reports that whoever lands Captain America must sign for nine other options, including potential sequels to "The First Avenger."

Fans are sure to have their favorites and least favorites amongst the contenders listed, but there is at least one aspect of the report that would be quite troubling if true. Deadline reports that Johnston himself briefly walked away from "Captain America" following a salary dispute. Although the situation was resolved, it's still discouraging to hear about an internal conflict over budget this early on in the production process.

Regardless of the reported woes, it does appear that Marvel and Johnston are getting ready to pull the trigger on their choice for Captain America. At this point, it's simply a matter of waiting to find out who gets to wield the shield.

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