'Thor: Tales of Asgard' Concept Art Arrives Online

Thor: Tales of AsgardLast week at the Los Angeles premiere of "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths", the producers were quick to praise the film's character designs by artist Phil Bourassa. And while Bourassa's "Justice League" movie hit stores yesterday, he also provided character designs for the "Planet Hulk" animated movie which was released earlier this month. Bourassa is also the character designer for one of the upcoming Marvel Animated feature films: "Thor: Son of Asgard."

Recently, Bourassa posted several early designs from "Thor: Son of Asgard" on his Deviant Art page (via Comic Book Movie). Bourassa also provided commentary for several of the pieces:

THOR: "I wanted to make Thor look really "level one" Viking/barbarian with lots of fur and layers. I gave him sort of a cocky self assured pose because that's his overall persona in the film. At the time I was pretty happy with this take and was kind of bummed that we went in a different direction with the outfit. The overall silhouette is still the same, although the details and colors are significantly changed."

ODIN: "Heres an early take on the all-father, Odin. I drew him significantly younger than we are used to seeing him since the film revolves around the trials of a teenage Thor and Loki. This is sort of Odin in his prime before losing his eye and what-not. I had a lot of fun designing this cartoon and working with the awesome staff and crew at Marvel Lionsgate."

FANDRAL: "In this concept sketch of Fandral, I tried to capture the dashing, swashbuckling, Errol Flynn thing. I might have also been thinking of Cary Elwes' character from 'The Princess Bride.' This is one of those rare cases in animation design where the first sketch pretty much ends up making it on screen in the final cut."

VOLSTAGG: "This was my first pass at Volstagg from the Warriors Three. I actually drew this before I ever received a script from Marvel and so, not surprisingly, I was shy of the mark. I had forgotten that Volstagg is typically depicted as the cowardly blowhard, [whose] goofy antics are often played for comedic effect. In the end, final model for this character was a bit more whimsical and comical."

Earlier this month, Marvel Studios and Lionsgate Home Entertainment released a new trailer for "Thor: Tales of Asgard." The film is scheduled to be released in 2011 to coincide with the live action "Thor" movie.

What do you think about Bourassa's character designs? Would you like to see him take on the older incarnation of Thor? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below or on Twitter!

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