Fan-Made 'The Walking Dead' Movie Makes Us Hungry For Upcoming TV Series

The Walking Dead"The Walking Dead" is coming to television, but with shooting starting in May, fans still have quite the wait to endure before seeing Frank Darabont's television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's survival horror series. Still, that doesn't mean that the zombie epic's fans are entirely without live-action material to chew on.

Over the weekend, Image Comics linked to a fan-made short film version of "The Walking Dead," depicting one of the series' less action-oriented moments — but a scene that's filled with drama and tragedy nonetheless.

Watch the video after the jump, but if you haven't read up to "The Walking Dead" #51, there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

In the scene, series protagonist Rick Grimes is on the phone with an unidentified survivor of the zombie outbreak. He hopes to arrange a meet-up with the woman and her purported band of survivors, especially since he's all alone with his son Carl after losing his wife and newborn baby to a trigger-happy pack of humans. Rick soon realizes that his phone conversation is a lot more one-sided than he could have possibly imagined.

While the fan-made film isn't of the same quality that I'm hoping for from the AMC adaptation, it's certainly a great tribute to Kirkman's long-running series. Most importantly, it raises some interesting questions about what the show could look like.

Is Darabont going to film the series in black and white? How much of a role will music play in the series, if any, and what type of score can we expect? Will the series ever get to a point where Rick and Carl lose the rest of their family, or will the network ultimately shy away from the morbid turn of events?

The answers to those questions aren't completely clear just yet. For now, this short film — directed by Michelle Massey, produced by Michael Bollweg, and starring Brian Bedell as Rick — is a nice teaser while we wait for the real zombie apocalypse to begin.

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