'Weeds' Actress Up For A Role In Marvel's 'Runaways' Movie?

Allie GrantA long time has passed since we've heard official word on "Runaways," Marvel Studios' adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's beloved comic book series, but that silence might be breaking in the form of a certain "Weeds" actress' potential involvement.

All Things Fangirl reports that Allie Grant, the young actress who plays Isabella Hodes on Showtime's "Weeds," is currently performing in a stage production called "How I Learned To Drive." According to the show's program guide, Grant is said to have a role in Marvel's planned "Runaways" film.

"Grant can be seen opposite Michael Shannon in the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Runaways," reports the guide.

While very provocative, the guide's write-up shouldn't be considered an official casting announcement just yet. It's entirely possible that the "Runaways" in question is actually "The Runaways," the forthcoming biopic of the teenage rock band starring the aforementioned Shannon. But there are no signs that Grant herself is a part of that film, causing further confusion regarding the mention of Marvel's upcoming "Runaways" movie.

Assuming that Grant really has landed a role in "Runaways," I couldn't be happier. Most fans of both "Weeds" and "Runaways," myself included, can agree that Grant has the perfect look and attitude to pull off the wisecracking Gert. If she's up for Nico, Karolina, Molly or any of the other characters, I'd whistle a different tune — but as Gert, she'd be perfect.

For now, of course, it's best to treat this one as a rumor. (A rumor that I would love to see pan out, but a rumor nonetheless.)

Do you think Allie Grant is a good fit for Marvel's "Runaways" adaptation? Was the program guide's report an accidental slip or an innocent mistake? Let us know your take in the comments section or on Twitter!