'Spider-Man' Movie News, DC's New Execs, And 'Kick-Ass' Villains In This Week's Back-Issue Bin

Spider-ManAnother week in the rearview mirror, and it's time again to look at how the week's stories stacked up. While the big announcement at DC Entertainment was clearly one of the week's most buzzworthy news items, updates from the "Spider-Man" movie front continued to stake their claim on the top headlines, too.

Regular readers might also notice that the Back-Issue Bin has been moving around in the weekly schedule a bit recently. Once a Friday fixture, we're moving the list to the weekend to account for stories that post late in the day on Friday.

So, now that we have all that out of the way, let's get to the week's Top 10 Headlines, shall we?

10. We brought you an exclusive look at the "wall of villains" John Romita Jr. created for the "Kick-Ass" movie.

9. Check out the first shots of NECA's "Jonah Hex" movie collectibles from Toy Fair 2010 — including an early peek at John Malkovich as Quentin Turnbull.

8. Brian Bendis met with the "Spider-Man" movie team — making it even more likely that we'll see a lot of "Ultimate Spider-Man" in Marc Webb's upcoming reboot of the blockbuster franchise.

7. In a special Valentine's Day feature, we put the spotlight on comic book romances that need a big-screen reboot.

6. "Avatar" co-producer Jon Landau offered an update on the live-action "Battle Angel Alita" movie... and a new name for the project?

5. DC Entertainment named its new executive "dream team," featuring a host of well-known comic book creators shaping the future of Superman, Batman, etc.

4. In an interview with MTV News, the president of DC Entertainment said rumors of a Christopher Nolan "Superman" and "Watchmen" spin-off projects are exactly that: just rumors.

3. What will "Percy Jackson" mean for Logan Lerman's "Spider-Man" chances?

2. We asked Leo DiCaprio if his production company will tackle the "Akira" or the "Twilight Zone" movie next.

And for the top story of the week...

1. James Cameron's "Avatar" producing partner told MTV News they'd met with "Spider-Man" director Marc Webb to discuss the upcoming big-screen reboot of Marvel's webslinger.

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