No Role For General Ross In 'Iron Man 2' Or 'Thor,' Says William Hurt

General RossOne of the most memorable moments of director Louis Leterrier's "Incredible Hulk" movie was Robert Downey Jr.'s brief cameo as Tony Stark during a scene with William Hurt's Gen. Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. And while Stark's line about "putting a team together" suggested a carefully worded reference to the "Avengers" movie, Hurt recently revealed that the entire scene was improvised with Downey.

"We improv’d that," related Hurt during an interview with Collider. "The entire scene had no lines written down. We did improv for that entire scene. We actually both had more of a script because of that and a feeling of more invention because of that. So we could actually go, ‘okay, who do I think my character is…what would he say next. I haven’t a clue, let’s have a shot at it.’"

Hurt's account is not entirely surprising given the comments made by Jeff Bridges in December regarding the lack of a script during the filming of the first "Iron Man" movie. Actress Olivia Munn also recently spoke about keeping up with Downey's improvisations during the filming of her role in "Iron Man 2."

Hurt also revealed that he has not been asked to return for a cameo in either "Iron Man 2" or "Thor", but added “if they call me I’ll answer.”

Earlier this month, director Jon Favreau stated that "Iron Man 2" takes place before "Incredible Hulk", which may explain why Hurt's character isn't seen in that film.

However, the Hulk's rumored role in the "Avengers" movie could potentially be a perfect opportunity to bring Hurt back as General Ross.

Are you surprised to hear that the scene between Hurt and Downey was improvised? Do you think General Ross should appear in "Thor" or "Iron Man 2"? Call in the military and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section below or Hulk-out on Twitter!