'Watchmen' Sequels And Christopher Nolan's 'Superman' Are 'Just Rumors,' Says DC President

Watchmen 2Today was full of big changes at DC Entertainment, and when DC President Diane Nelson spoke with MTV News earlier today about what those changes mean for the company, its creators and comics, I made sure to get her thoughts on a few other recent items of note, too.

Named the head of the new subdivision of Warner Bros. back in September 2009, Nelson is charged with managing the evolution of Superman, Batman and the rest of the DC Universe across various media platforms, and reports directly to Warner Bros. Pictures President Jeff Robinov.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" laughed Nelson when asked if there was any truth to the recent rumor that "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan will oversee a reboot of the "Superman" movie franchise.

"We don't have any plans about that, and as I've mentioned, in the coming months we'll be making a lot of announcements about what our content plans will be," she added. "But right now, that's nothing but rumor — and we frankly don't say a whole lot more about rumor than that, so..."

As for the recent rumor that had the comics world ready to march on DC's headquarters with pitchforks and torches, Nelson said any plans for future "Watchmen" projects in comics or film were also strictly rumors at this point.

"No, that's all rumor," she said. "I'm not sure where it came from. We'll be looking closely at our whole library and making sure we're looking for opportunities to mine every property where it makes sense, and with integrity, but that's just rumor."

"No, there are no plans to do that," she reiterated.

Be sure to check out our full interview with Diane Nelson about DC Entertainment's new executive team!

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