Jim Lee & Geoff Johns' DC Gigs, Shaun White's Olympic Gold, And 'StarCraft 2' In Today's Twitter Report

DC TwitterJim Lee and Geoff Johns have no shortage of friends in comics, and they're likely to get a lot more now that Lee has been named co-publisher of DC Comics along with Dan DiDio, and Johns holds the title of Chief Creative Officer. Congratulatory tweets flooded the feed this morning after the press release went out, but Johns had other priorities to worry about, such as preparing donuts.

Shaun White's gold medal run in the snowboarding halfpipe event last night earned a lot of interest as well, even if Pia Guerra was more concerned with catching a picture of Stephen Colbert's taping. There's a link to her TwitPic post after the jump, where you can also find out who got into the "StarCraft 2" beta and what Kalman Andrasofszky listens to while drawing Dazzler.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for February 18, 2010.

Lee & Johns pt. 1: @JAMALIGLE @jimlee00 I'm not usually surprised this easily, but wow, congratulations.

-Jamal Igle, Artist ("Firestorm," "Supergirl")

Lee & Johns pt. 2: @andydiggle @jimlee00 @GeoffJohns0 Let me join the avalanche of congrats to you all. Great team!

-Andy Diggle, Writer ("The Losers," "Hellblazer")

Lee & Johns pt. 3: @MykeNorten Wow! Guess I gotta suck up to @geoffjohns0 now!

-Mike Norton, Artist ("Blue Beetle," "Gravity")

Lee & Johns pt. 4: @GeoffJohns0 Time to make the donuts.

@billamend Woot...Got my SC2 beta code overnight! Unwoot...Mac client not available yet. :(

-Bill Amend, Writer/Artist ("FoxTrot")

Shaun White pt. 1: @MarkBrooksArt All the snowboarding tricks look the same to me until Shaun White goes. Even a dumbass like me can see that he's above all other riders.

-Mark Brooks, Artist ("Cable & Deadpool," "Dark Reign: Young Avengers")

Shaun White pt. 2: @thejillthompson That Ginger haired Shaun White!!! He makes me giddy!

-Jill Thompson, Artist ("Beasts of Burden," "The Sandman")

@PiaGuerra Pics from our day at Colbert taping: http://twitpic.com/13wtpo http://twitpic.com/13wtlo http://twitpic.com/13wuh9

-Pia Guerra, Artist ("Y: The Last Man," "Doctor Who: The Forgotten")

@evilkalman Each night as I work on DAZZLER I'll link to a track that puts me in an Alison Blaire frame of mind. Tonight's track: Marina & The Diamonds.

-Kalman Andrasofszky, Artist ("NYX: No Way Home," "Dazzler")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@BrianDenham Understanding the value of your time is essential. Jack Kirby once said, "I don't get paid to erase"

-Brian Denham, Artist ("Iron Man: Hypervelocity," "Man-Thing")

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