EXCLUSIVE: James Cameron Clarifies 'Spider-Man' 3-D Discussion, What He'd Like To See In Reboot

As some of you following MTV Splash Page on Twitter already know, "Avatar" director James Cameron made a somewhat unexpected visit to the MTV Newsroom yesterday to discuss his record-breaking 3-D epic. Of course, while he was here, we had to follow-up with him about his "Avatar" co-producer Jon Landau's assertion that the pair had met with newly appointed "Spider-Man" director Marc Webb about Sony's plans to film the reboot using 3-D technology.

"I didn't talk to him directly," clarified Cameron. "I'm more than happy to. I'm more than happy to talk to any filmmaker who wants to author their picture in 3-D."

"It's not like I want to tell them how to do it, because everybody's going to come up with their own aesthetic," he added. "It's more like, 'Just don't make the same dumbass mistakes we made for 10 years! Save yourself that.'"

Cameron explained that he hopes all 3-D filmmakers can work together on advancing the technology, so as not to burn out moviegoers' affinity for the style with bad products.

"Let's evolve this so that we guarantee that the audience is always seeing cool, new 3-D experiences and we're not fighting to try to maintain a quality level — because ultimately that's going to hurt the marketplace," he said.

As for what he'd like to see in a new "Spider-Man" movie, Cameron offered up some thoughts... and a comparison to another recently relaunched franchise.

"I'd like to see him reinvent it in the same way Batman got reinvented very successfully," said Cameron. "The last two Batman pictures — actually, they're the only two I can watch. i couldn't stand the other ones."

"I don't want to throw anyone under the bus by name," he said. "[But] I didn't like them. I didn't get them. But the last two films were spectacular."

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