'The Losers' Release Date Changed Back To April

The LosersIt seems like "The Losers" just can't sit still. Following Warner Bros. Pictures' announcement that the film would transition from its original April 9 release date to a later June opening, the studio has now shifted the film back to an April 23 premiere.

The move was reportedly intended to keep "The Losers" from closely competing with the action-oriented "Clash of the Titans," which would be playing its second weekend in theaters. Additionally, the June move was intended to provide the studio with ample time to make corrections based on audience feedback from test screenings.

Apparently those changes won't take as long to make as initially expected, meaning Warner Bros. is returning "The Losers" to April, even if the new date is still a few weeks later than first planned.

Fans of the Vertigo Comics series have been able to catch "The Losers" trailer for a few weeks now. The gun fire, explosions and attitudes of stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans and more seem fairly incomparable to the decidedly more mythological fare of "Clash of the Titans," meaning all manner of action film fans should have enough time to transition from one film to the next.

No matter the movie scheduling, Vertigo is still rolling ahead with their special edition reprint of "The Losers" #1 by Andy Diggle and Jock at the introductory price of $1 on April 7, meaning would-be moviegoers have a few additional weeks to sample the film's source material.

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