'The Crazies' Gets A Motion Comic And Four-Issue Miniseries

The CraziesThe mental well-being of a rural Iowa town is about to be obliterated by a tainted water supply, and no amount of therapy can save survivors from their infected friends and neighbors.

Overture Films' new take on George Romero's 1973 film "The Crazies" looms close and with it, a companion comic book narrative set to flesh out the tale's horrific causes and effects.

Produced by Jeff Katz of American Original and printed by Top Cow, the four-issue miniseries follows four distinct chapters featuring individual creative teams. Ivan Brandon and Jon Buran handle "Hopman Bog," followed by Brian Reed and Hugo Petrus on "Dwyer Creek," Marc Andreyko and Vincent Spencer on "Black Pond" and Joshua Hale Fialkov and Rashan Ekedal handling "Ogden Marsh."

Each chapter expands upon the film's viral outbreak origins, breaking down the epidemic's component characteristics as it infects the physical and mental capacities of the town's human — and in some cases, animal — populace.

Issues #1 and 2 arrive in shops today with the second half of the series set to drop on February 24.

In addition, Starz Digital Media, in association with Double Barrel Motion Labs has created a four-part motion comic adapting its printed counterpart. "Hopman Bog" sees its motion comic release hit iTunes and the PlayStation Store on February 23 with additional installments to follow.

While Ogden Marsh's terrors aren't exactly zombies, as Romero-infected threats go they're still contenders for cinematic body counts. The carnage curious can find out just how much when "The Crazies" opens on February 26.

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