What Does The 'Percy Jackson' Opening Weekend Mean For Logan Lerman's 'Spider-Man' Chances?

Logan Lerman"Percy Jackson & The Olympians" didn't quite wield the power of the gods when it arrived in theaters this weekend and came in second at the box office to "Valentine's Day," so what does that mean for its star, Logan Lerman, and rumors that he's up for the lead role in Marc Webb's "Spider-Man"?

As regular readers are already aware, Lerman set the 'Net on fire recently when he mentioned in passing that he was in talks to play Peter Parker. Even though Lerman backed off that statement a bit in a subsequent interview with MTV News, we pondered exactly what might be at stake when Lerman makes his debut in "Percy Jackson" — and now it's time to figure out whether playing a god means he'll be playing a superhero.

Overall, "Percy Jackson" made a respectable $38.8 million over the weekend, proving Lerman can indeed carry the lead role in a film of that size. However, the opening weekend take is still distant enough from the film's $95 million budget that a sequel isn't a certainty — which could actually bode well for Lerman if he's called upon to become the new Peter Parker.

As for his performance, MTV's Kurt Loder said the film's young leads were "fine ... although Lerman and Alexandra Daddario don't have a lot of chemistry."

Splash Page readers, however, seemed firmly in Lerman's corner, and raved about how he'd acted himself into the role with his "Percy Jackson" performance:

"Saw 'Percy Jackson' and while the script was mediocre, Lerman tried his best to give a solid performance," wrote reader criticafterdark. "Has an onscreen charisma and likeability and I can see him as Parker. He put on a Brooklyn accent and walk for Percy and was good in the action sequences. This should give him the necessary exposure to CGI work if he does 'Spider-Man.'"

"While watching Percy Jackson I kept picturing him as Spiderman," wrote Mayesha. "He would be perfect!"

While Lerman's status in the "Spider-Man" casting mix remains unconfirmed, it looks like he's saying and doing (and earning) the right things to put him in line for the role of Peter Parker. However, only time will tell if he's given the great power — and responsibility — of playing your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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