EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Brown's 'Fraggle Rock' Comic Cover And Jim Henson Company's Fraggle Future

Fraggle RockArchaia announced their upcoming "Fraggle Rock" comics as the beginning of a wider lineup of titles produced in cooperation with the Jim Henson Company, but there's a good reason the 25-year-old group of colorful cave-dwellers will appear first in line.

According to Melissa Segal, senior vice-president of global consumer products for Jim Henson Company, the "Fraggle Rock" comic is part of a big push to get the puppets in front of a new generation while still connecting with parents who grew up with the Fraggles. That's a process that has involved working with some of the original minds behind the 1980s TV series at The Jim Henson Company, recruiting big names in indie comics like Jeffrey Brown, and support for a marketing effort behind adult Halloween costumes and a feature-length film.

Splash Page got an advance look at the alternate cover to "Fraggle Rock" #1 by Jeffrey Brown ("Clumsy," "The Incredible Change-Bots"), featuring Gobo Fraggle's world-trekking Uncle Traveling Matt discovering comics in the "Outer Space" world of humans.

Fraggle Rock

“They want the books to appeal to new kids that didn’t grow up with the series — your 10-year-old that’s reading graphic novels — as well as parents that grew up with the series,” Segal told MTV News. “The values that made it popular way back when — the social values, the connection to music and the whimsy and humor — are very timeless.”

The Henson Company wants to keep their original audience's interest, but they also want to see Archaia's comics make it into the hands of the '80s generation's kids as well. For those parents, Segal hopes they haven't grown up too much to check out a lineup of Fraggle Halloween costumes that recently launched — or take their kids to the "Fraggle Rock" movie that's currently in development with director Corey Edwards attached.

With Archaia's "Mouseguard/Fraggle Rock" flip-book on Diamond's short list of Gold comics for Free Comic Book Day this year, though, their new dive into the comics world should hit the ground running with a lot of attention.

Are you interested in checking out some adult "Fraggle Rock" costumes? Are you planning to check out Archaia's first Fraggle comic on Free Comic Book Day? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!