Geoff Johns Talks 'Brightest Day' (And 'Blackest Night') As Issue #2 Cover Debuts

Brightest DayLast week, "Smallville" writer Geoff Johns gave us an in-depth preview of the two-hour special "Absolute Justice," featuring the live-action debut of DC's Justice Society of America. As comics fans are well aware, Johns has also been hard at work scripting the publisher's massive crossover event "Blackest Night" and its upcoming follow-up, "Brightest Day."

With a main story centered in the Green Lantern universe but spiraling out into many of its other titles, "Blackest Night" was named MTV's "Crossover Event of the Year" for 2009. Today, DC Comics debuted the first cover image from "Brightest Day," created by artist David Finch for the issue #2.

MTV News caught up with Johns for a chat about "Brightest Day," how it compares to "Blackest Night," and what readers can expect when the event kicks off.

"I’m already done with 'Blackest Night' and I’m very excited, very relieved," laughed Johns. "I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I’m especially happy with the last issue — it’s double-sized, it’s big, it’s exciting."

Johns confessed to being a little ahead of the event timeline in his own mind, since "Blackest Night" and its army of villainous, undead DC characters is still hitting shelves while he's in the thick of "Brightest Day."

"I’m a little bit more... I’m into 'Brightest Day' now," he said. "I'm into what that’s about, and what that story is right now. It's all going to be a lot clearer when 'Blackest Night' finishes up. I will say, though, 'Brightest Day' is not just a banner. It actually means something."

With things taking a decidedly darker tone in "Blackest Night," it's no surprise that "Brightest Day" will lighten things up in the DC Universe a bit. Given John's assertion in the past that the theme of "Blackest Night" was "emotion," we had to find out his general theme for the "Brightest Day" story.

"If 'Blackest Night' is about confronting emotion and being haunted by the past and embracing what we are, 'Brightest Day' is about being what we are and living it everyday," said Johns. "It's about finding out what our purpose is in life and grabbing on to it."

Check out the cover to "Brightest Day" #2 below, featuring art by David Finch:

Brightest Day #2

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