'Spider-Man' Has A 3D Release Date And Director... But What About A Peter Parker?

Spider-ManNow that we know when "Spider-Man" will arrive in theaters (July 3, 2012), how many dimensions Peter Parker will swing around in (it's being filmed in 3D), who will be behind the camera (Marc Webb), and some hints about the story (set in high school, possibly drawing from Marvel's "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics), the pieces are quickly falling into place for fans eager to see Spidey back on the big screen. But what about the film's star?

Compared to most high-profile films, details regarding the studio's search for a new wall-crawler have been remarkably hard to come by lately. Remember when it was easier to name all the actors who weren't rumored to be trying out for the lead role in "Green Lantern" or "Thor"?

With "Spider-Man," however, there have been few indications of Sony's plans for the actor who will have the great power and great responsibility of becoming your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

One of the most prominent hints we've received thus far arrived last week when "Percy Jackson" actor Logan Lerman mentioned that he was in talks to play Peter Parker. In an interview with MTV News conducted just a day later, Lerman backed off his statement a bit, saying he was "just hoping to be considered."

If the studio is indeed looking to 18-year-old Lerman for the role, though, it certainly narrows the pool of actors whose names have been thrown around up to this point. Splash Page readers recently declared "500 Days of Summer" actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt their favorite for the role of Peter Parker, and the 29-year-old actor previously told MTV News he had "cool conversations" with Webb about the project.

But if the studio is aiming for a teenage actor for the part, Gordon-Levitt's age makes him an unlikely choice — leaving the door open for the runner-up in our reader poll.

Another actor rumored for the role, "High School Musical" actor Zac Efron is 22 years old, and isn't that far removed from playing a teenager on the screen. However, as many readers have pointed out, Efron's too-cool looks and celebrity status might be his biggest obstacles, given the need to play the bookworm-turned-superhero Peter Parker. Rumors have the studio chasing relatively unknown actors for the cast, so depending on the definition of "unknown" and the validity of the rumors, that could eliminate Gordon-Levitt and Efron from the mix altogether.

So who does that leave us with?

Well, if most of the rumors are to be believed (and we're not saying they are — just if), the next Peter Parker is likely to be someone around a similar age and with a similar resume as Lerman. Actors like Michael Welch ("Twilight Saga: New Moon") and Erik Knudsen ("Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World") both seem to fit the bill, while some of the other names that seem to pop up would appear to be too old or too committed to other projects in the near future.

With production scheduled to begin later this year, a casting announcement is likely to be made any day now, but until that happens, keep it locked to Splash Page for more "Spider-Man" movie news as it develops — and the ongoing debate over which actor is best suit to bring Spidey back to the big screen.

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