ADAPT THIS: 'Dynamo 5' By Jay Faerber & Mahmud Asrar

Dynamo 5THE STORY: "Dynamo 5" by Jay Faerber (W) and Mahmud Asrar (A) - Image Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Captain Dynamo is the guardian of Tower City and one of the world's greatest superheroes — until he's found dead and naked in a hotel room, seemingly murdered by one of his mistresses. In light of his demise, Dynamo's wife and former government agent Maddie Warner assembles five of the superhero's illegitimate children and exposes them to the same radiation that gave Captain Dynamo his superpowers in the first place.

The result is the formation of Dynamo 5, a superhero team intended to carry on Captain Dynamo's legacy — but how can they be trusted to protect Tower City when they can hardly trust themselves and each other?

WHY IT WORKS: In "Dynamo 5," Faerber and Asrar have crafted a compelling family drama disguised as a superhero tale. It's hardly a book where characters stand around moaning about their broken feelings — there is plenty of terrific action to behold — but the conflicts within each character are thoroughly believable and well-executed.

It's not easy becoming a superhero. It's even less easy being part of a superhero team. But hardest of all is joining a superhero team comprised of your half-siblings that you never even knew you had. These heroes are forced to grow up on many levels very quickly, and the reader is happily invited along for the ride.

WHY IT DOESN'T: The superhero team's family dynamic has been explored before in "Fantastic Four" and "The Incredibles," so one could make the argument that "Dynamo 5" is a little been there done that. But the interpersonal dynamics at play within Faerber and Asrar's comic are decidedly different from anything else currently in comic books.

Truly, if familiarity is the only problematic issue that comes to mind, "Dynamo 5" is in good shape for an adaptation.

HOW TO DO IT: I'm always an advocate for television over film wherever possible, and while I certainly think TV would suit "Dynamo 5" rather nicely, a film adaptation would work just as well. There are a lot of characters to juggle in a two-hour time frame, but each hero is best defined by his or her relationship with the other members of the team anyway. Balancing screen time amongst the six major players would be the best route to go.

FINAL WORD: Superhero origin stories are tried and true. There have been plenty of them over the years, leading most fans to want to dive straight into the thick of a story. But in "Dynamo 5," learning the team's roots and watching their growth is part of the fun. Not only do these heroes come into their own as individuals — they come into their own as a family. That, combined with more than a few super-powered rumbles, "Dynamo 5" would be one heck of a movie.

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