Nic Cage Channels Adam West's Batman For 'Kick-Ass' Role

Big DaddyAs a lifelong comic fan, Nic Cage has previously been linked to Superman and the Green Goblin before finally starring in a comic book movie in "Ghost Rider." Later this year, Cage gets another opportunity as Damon Macready — better known as the vigilante Big Daddy — in Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass."

"I always fantasized about what would happen if you could become a superhero," Cage told Empire Magazine (the text of the interview is posted on ). "As a child I was Kick-Ass. I would call myself The Spirit and I had a white t-shirt with a black ‘S’ on it. I strapped a boomerang to my chest and I would prowl the alley at the back of my house between one and two in the morning. When I got the script, I loved the concept because I think it’s something that speaks to all of us."

Cage also acknowledged that Adam West greatly influenced his portrayal of a "thinly veiled take on Batman."

"Well, it came out of a rehearsal, when Matthew (Vaughn) wanted me to have a yellow belt," explained Cage. "And it looked so much like the belt from the 'Batman' TV show that I thought, 'Well, why don’t we just go the whole way and have Damon be channeling Adam West?' Because that’s his Jungian muse, to help him accomplish the things he accomplishes. Adam West, is for me, the only Batman. He found the humour in the character and found the charm that the original Batman comics always had."

"I wanted Damon to be the nicest father in the world," continued Cage. "I once dated a girl many, many years ago whose father was a cop. He had a moustache and glasses and he’d always refer to my then-girlfriend as 'child.' He was the last guy you’d ever expect could break someone’s nose in a fist-fight but he was indeed a bad-ass police officer. I liked that tonality."

MTV News recently spoke with Cage's onscreen daughter, Chloe Moretz about their interactions on the set of "Kick-Ass."

"Kick-Ass" will leap into theaters April 16.

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