Who Should Play Spider-Man? MTV's Reader Poll Results Are In!

Joseph Gordon-LevittJust a day or two after we asked readers to pick their favorite actor to play Peter Parker in Marc Webb's upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot, the InterWebs were buzzing with word that "Percy Jackson" actor Logan Lerman could be up for the role.

While Lerman seems to have pulled back a bit in his Spidey talk since then, there was no shortage of readers willing to add his name to the pool of potential webslingers via write-in vote — but he still fell short of the mark when the polls closed. With 27 percent of the total vote, Webb's "500 Days of Summer" actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was chosen by readers as the favorite for the coveted role.

However, it wasn't a big jump to the runner-up, with a fairly close grouping of actors receiving the lion's share of the votes.

Here's how the final tally of votes shook out:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 27%

Zac Efron: 23.2%

Michael Welch: 10.5%

Jesse Eisenberg: 5.7%

Aaron Johnson: 5.5%

Michael Cera: 4.9%

Cory Monteith: 2.1%

Patrick Fugit: 1.9%

Erik Knudson: 1.6%

Other: 17.4%

While Zac Efron's fans made a case for the "High School Musical" actor to bring Spidey back to the big screen, the write-in voters rallied to push Lerman to the top of the "other" category. There was also a significant write-in push for "Twilight" actors Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (of course), as well as a small chunk of votes for "Weeds" actor Hunter Parrish (who made his pitch for the role last month).

Here's what some readers had to say about why they voted the way they did:

theboogieman631: What an awful list! Michael Cera would be the worst Spider-Man. Jesse Eisenberg is just Michael Cera light. Zac Efron & Michael Welch...really??? Fugit & Gordon-Levitt are too old. Aaron Johnson is Kick-Ass, so no. Cory Monteith is too "jocky". So off of your list my pick would go to Erik Knudson, but I'm not completely sold on him either. If i were casting I'd go with Hunter Parrish or Thomas Dekker.

Toast-Jammer: I would really love it if Jesse Eisenberg got the role, just because he was pretty good in ZL and... Well, not to be weird about this, but I would really, really like a Jewish Peter Parker. It's just how I see the character. Eisenberg for Spider-Man! Yeah!!

adamant877: Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be my ideal choice. He may be older, but he still LOOKS young, and that could play to his advantage. Otherwise, no-name.

@Mariaabeatriz: it would be amazing to see him in that movie!! zac is amazing

Bamf!: These fellas are all in their 20s (couple of them nudging 30) Oh, apart from Aaron Johnson, which would be my pick... or even Chris Colfer! But even they're knocking on the door of 20... Hey here's a crazy notion, why not get a teenager to play a teenager? That may very well mean casting an unknown young actor, a very big risk, but if they cast right it could pay off in a very big way. For now I'll vote for Chris Colfer to shake things up :)

David: Joseph Gordon-Levitt sort of reminds me of the way Peter Parker looked originally drawn by his co-creator, Steve Ditko for the first issues of the Amazing Spider-Man back in the early to mid-60's and as drawn by Ron Frenz for the excellent; but now canceled series, Untold Tales of Spider-Man

@johnny_slick: Now that Bea Arthur is dead, I am at a loss. Kenny Loggins perhaps?

Edwardsgirl: Voted for Michael Cera. I just love his dead-pan humor and think it could put a new spin on the character.

make-believer: I put other and thus Anton Yelchin the kid that plays Checov in the new Star Trek he has that dopey innocence but seems as if he can pluck up that spidey confidence and humor in fights. i was always a fan of Gorden Levitt doing Parker but think he is to old for the role. I still stand by my thoughts from when they first cast Parker that Emile Hursh would have done great but as of now this Yelchin kid is the best suited that i can think of.

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