'Iron Man 2' Score Being Recorded In London, Reports Jon Favreau

Iron Man 2With the release of "Iron Man 2" rapidly approaching, director Jon Favreau has revealed that the music score for the film is currently being recorded.

On Sunday, Favreau mentioned on his Twitter account that it was his first day in London to oversee the "Iron Man 2" scoring sessions. The first "Iron Man" film was scored by Ramin Djawadi. However, the sequel will be composed by John Debney.

While Djawadi's "Iron Man" score was noted for its rock influence, Debney's score is expected to feature a more "orchestral" sound for which he is well known. Some of Debney's previous scoring credits include Frank Miller's "Sin City", "End of Days" and the 1996 "Doctor Who" television movie.

Debney has also previously collaborated with Favreau on "Elf" and "Zathura: A Space Adventure."

Although Debney's musical influence seems to be more classical in nature, that doesn't mean that "Iron Man 2" will shy away from rock. Last month, it was also revealed that ACDC has signed a deal with Marvel Entertainment to put out a new compilation album of songs that will be featured in "Iron Man 2."

Favreau also recently tweeted about the timeline of "Iron Man 2." More specifically, he said that the film takes place before Tony Stark's cameo in "Incredible Hulk."

Would you prefer that "Iron Man 2" emphasize the rock themed music or use a more classically orchestral score? What composers would you like to see score an "Iron Man" film? Let us know what you're thinking in the comment section below or on Twitter!