Super Bowl Soldiers: G.I. Joe's Five Biggest Football Fans

G.I. Joe football fansOne of the greatest things about The Super Bowl is its ability to bring together folks from all walks of life in a celebration of teamwork. It's not unlike the theme of "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" and its comic book offspring in that regard, demonstrating how a group of spirited individuals can work together to achieve victory over their rivals (or in the case of the Joe team, evil terrorists).

This embodiment of teamwork should come as no surprise, especially considering the accomplishments of Joe soldiers with football roots.

Read on to learn how football has inspired some of the greatest G.I. Joe characters of all time.

G.I. Joe football fansCaptain Grid-Iron: The most blatant football fan on the G.I. Joe team, Captain Gird-Iron is famous for his gravelly voice and launching football-shaped grenades at Cobra troops. On one occasion, Grid-Iron even lead the Joes against Cobra for the safe return of a captured Sgt. Slaughter.

The good Captain has two comics appearances to his name, including Marvel's "G.I. Joe" #130 and in Devil's Due WWIII storyline in 2005. Perhaps one day he'll even make the pros.

G.I. Joe football fansThe Fridge: As one of several real-life G.I. Joes, William "The Fridge" Perry battled terrorism with quite possibly the least conventional weapon on the entire team: a giant metal football chained to a stick. This custom mace was used to smash bad guys starting in 1986, much the same way The Fridge's Chicago Bears smashed the New England Patriots during Super Bowl XX.

Despite the intense rivalry of their jerseys, Bazooka (a known Pats fan) and The Fridge still seem to get along just fine.

G.I. Joe football fansBazooka: Even though Bazooka met a grisly fate in Warren Ellis' "G.I. Joe: Resolute," and lost a lot of his youthful good looks in his Devil's Due comic book stories, the soldier always looks stylish bearing former New England Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan's signature #14 football jersey.

Wearing a jersey into combat against Cobra? That's a super fan.

G.I. Joe football fansRed Dog: After a tragic accident involving barefoot placekicking, a lineman, a broken helmet and concussion, Red Dog was suspended from pro football for "Unnecessary roughness."

He found a new career with Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades after a brief stint as a "B" movie stuntman, however, which paved the way for a life of adventure as a G.I. Joe.

G.I. Joe football fansBig Lob: While not strictly a football-themed Joe, Big Lob's incessant sports metaphors make him comparable to an NFL commentator.

His sole appearance in 1987's animated "G.I. Joe: The Movie" polarized fans. While it was nice to have another sports fan in the group, the film's Cobra-La infused plot ultimately marred Big Lob's name enough to leave him without an action figure until recently.

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