Zack Whedon Outlines Plan For New 'Dr. Horrible' Comics, Offers Sequel Status Report

Dr. HorribleWe kicked February off with an exclusive preview of Zack Whedon's "Terminator" comic book series, but as you can probably guess, we made sure to slip in a few questions about another little project with his name on it that fans are hungry to know more about: "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog."

In this case, however, we had to ask him about the status of "Dr. Horrible" on two fronts, since he's the author of multiple "Dr. Horrible" comics as well as one of the co-creators of the wildly popular online musical.

And while he didn't have a whole lot of updates about either project, fans will certainly be happy to hear what he did offer up about Dr. Horrible's future in the online and print worlds.

"I think we’re going to do another little short story," said Whedon of plans for more "Dr. Horrible" comics. "We’re going to put together something with all of the 'Dr. Horrible' mini comics from online, and with that one-shot, and then a new story about the Evil League of Evil. We’ll focus on them — so that will be fun."

Given that little tease at the end, we had to ask if an Evil League of Evil story meant we'd be seeing more of the group's enigmatic, equine leader, Bad Horse.

"Definitely more of Bad Horse," he laughed. "Though in a comic book we’ll be able to actually do things with Bad Horse. You’ll also get to all those people you glimpsed at the end of 'Dr Horrible' and just how ridiculous they all are."

And from the sound of things, Whedon's experience in the comics world thus far could mean we'll be seeing a lot more stories from him down the road.

"As soon as I did that first 'Captain Hammer' online comic, it was really fulfilling," he explained. "Working in television can be very frustrating, and the comic was very satisfying."

As for the sequel to the "Dr. Horrible" musical, Whedon said there was little to report, but things should get rolling soon.

"I have nothing new to add to the long list of vague responses," he laughed. "But we did meet last weekend and did some talking about it. I think that we will focus on that more now that Joss [Whedon] is done with 'Dollhous'e and has a little more time to focus on other projects."

"There are a handful of songs in some state of being written," he added. "I think that nothing is finished, but we’re taking tiny baby steps every few months or so."

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